God of the Flouting World

There are things you can never prove for sure, but if you find the chance to look at them from the outside, the results are sometimes convincing.

This may be the biggest question everyone could have in their life, “Is there a God up there? Will we go through another life when we die here in this world?”

He is almost 500 grams now, and moves his body when we listen to some musics, or when we eat a delicious food, specially when there is sugar in what we eat. Sometimes, I try to communicate with him, but he wouldn’t respond which makes me imagine for a moment that he’s sitting in there listening carefully to the sound coming from like nowhere and trying to make sense out of it.

I’m kind of sure that he would try to understand the situation, but there is always this question in my mind, “Would he be able to?” I don’t think so. It’s almost impossible for him to realize what is going on out here. His world is probably limited to a source from which he feeds, and faded sounds coming from different directions, and maybe the lights.

K was reading an article the other day about the most burden he goes through everyday which is to keep himself balanced in his small floating world, when the mother is moving, walking, sitting, or fast-driving a car. The article said that the more the mother moves during the day, the more her child would be tired at the end of the day.

Well, I imagine myself in that floating world which moves all the time, where I hear muffled voices, and sometimes a beam of light coming through the walls, and… what would I think? How would I respond to the voices and the lights? What would these things possibly mean to me? And the biggest question is, would I be able to guess about the world out there? Or let’s say, even if anyone tries to give me a clue, would be there any way to make me understand even a very small part of the world out of my tiny limited nest?

To be honest, I could never be sure about what they told us about the next life, and all the things they said would happen when we die, but trying to put myself in his shoes, I faced some news insights. Even while not being able to be sure about the other life, there is one thing I can be 100% sure about: the POSSIBILITY. I can clearly imagine people out there, to whom our big-looking world is just the size of a tiny bird nest to ours. Maybe they’ve been out there for so long trying to communicate with us in various ways, but we are not able to understand their message. And as there is no way for him to understand but to get out of there, maybe there is no way for us but to die and get to other side. Who knows?

This may be the first lesson he’s already given me before he is born. He gave me the chance to imagine another reasonable possibility.

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