Immigrants in home

Unaccustomed EarthI just finished “Unaccustomed Earth“, the book written by Jhumpa Lahiri, and I’m in a need of talking about it, even though I know I can’t express my feelings as they are.

I read the Farsi translation of the book which was titled as “No One’s Business”, and it was a great job by Goli Emami.

The books is a collections of short stories, but the stories are somehow interconnected that I felt like I was reading an episodic novel. All the stories are about Indian immigrants who are living in the US and facing the change of their world, in many different levels; as they are kids, mothers, wives, husbands, lovers or even when they are loved.

Through narrating the usually neglected details, the book took me to many  places that I had never been, but they felt very familiar to me. Deep in my heart, I knew many of the concerns of the people in the book. My unexpected identification with the characters, showed my that there might be a lot in common between us, Iranians and those Indians who left their hometown and started to live in the US.

The point is that I still live here, in my hometown Iran! So, why should these feelings be familiar for me?

During the last two decades of my life, maybe as many other Iranian youths, due to the revolution in media, web, and online social networks, I’ve lived in a whole different world. Even though I physically live in a specific part of the earth now, but my mind lives a different life. We are modernized in someway, but still live in a full of traditions atmosphere.

The problem is that we are not totally modern, or totally loyal to the traditions, but we are somewhere in between. There is a mixture of many cultures, religions and traditions inside us, and we manage the fight between all these ideologies every single day, when we come to a decision about an even a simple question like whether my mother has the right to expect something from my wife or my friends.

I don’t know if I have to be happy about how we live now, but what I’m worried about, is that most of the ones who have to care about this change under the skin of our generation, don’t care.  And the ones who care, don’t know what to do about it. And a big revolution might be going to happen.