Five years in between

The place was so familiar and the memory of our last visit there was so alive that I couldn’t believe when K told me that it was 5 years ago when we got in the warm place of this Cafe in a cold winter night, and she looked funny by wearing my gloves.

Baran Cafe

Feeling lonely and being worried about our unknown feature, we talked and tried to find a way to establish a family, but a couple of weeks later we separated and our lives fell apart. Simply I failed, and then, tried to forget all of those memories and moments, with new people and new relationships, but none of them worked!

I went through a deep darkness and loneliness during those five years, even the times I stepped in new relationships. I gave up many things out of anger and depression, but last night when I was sitting face to face of K in the same place in a cool September night, watching her smiling and listening to me reading the poems of Hafez, I felt that those five years were not wasted.

Baran Cafe reading HafezI wasn’t ready back then, and from where I’m standing now in my timeline, I can see that even if we had succeed and had gotten married, I wasn’t the one who could appreciate what he had.

I know that five years is a lot of time, but I can also see that a whole new person came to being out of that little frightened weak and fragile kid that I used to be. I hope that this calmness and peaceful moments that we’re living now, last to the end of our life.

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