Talk before it is too late!

I talk a lot! That’s a fact. If somebody asks my friends or my colleagues about me,  they never say, “He is a shy, silent employee who only minds his own business”; because it’s not me. I go to people and say Hi and start conversations with them. In work meetings, even though I try not to speak so much which always puts me in trouble, I participate in almost every conversation as it is my duty to solve every single problem at my workplace!

But, it doesn’t mean that I tell people what I should, about my feelings and what is going on in my heart about what they do to me. That’s the problem. I easily laugh, and I make others laugh too, but when it comes to sadness and anger, there’s a big lock on my mouth.

Long time ago, I was mad at a friend, and I didn’t tell her. Then, I talked about that  with some of our mutual friends to relieve myself from the suffer I was through. She was also hurt because she’d got some bad re-actions from the ones to whom I had talked. And for maybe two years we didn’t talked about it.

Today, we finally talked and told each other how we felt about the problem and how we was hurt by each other back then. It wasn’t easy to express all those feelings, but after we did, it was all gone. Just like that!

And now… I wish we’ve done that long time ago. It could’ve been much easier the first day, but I made a mistake, which cost me two years of sadness about what my friend had done to me, and two years of anger in my friend’s heart about what I had done in return.

I hope I can learn my lesson this time!

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