The Limits of Control

I know. Life is not as sad as every time I feel like writing some thing here. In fact, I live my life when I enjoy it and I don’t share it here with you. You may call me selfish now, but you’re right! If I’m here, it means something’s gone wrong again, and I’m trying to fix it by writing about it in my blog! Or, maybe it’s not about fixing, but only about a need to let it out, so I could see it outside of mind.

Last night, I went to bed at 11 PM, and set my alarm on 6 AM so I could take a full 7 hours of sleeping which helps me to function normally during the next day. And I woke up on time and everything seemed OK. Then I took a shower and ate my breakfast and leaved the house to work.

The problem showed itself when I got to my office and turn my computer on to start the day. When my computer was trying to boot, I felt that I wasn’t ready to start a new day, just like that. It was like I’d left something back in my yesterday which didn’t let me to proceed to my today.

By the way, I found out it was all about a dream I saw last night, which I hardly remember, but the only part I can still see in my head, is when I heard the cats fighting in our bedroom. I was frightened, but I didn’t want to wake K up.  So, I tried to find the cats in silence. After minutes of searching around in darkness, I realized that it was only a nightmare and there were no cats and fights. I got back to bed and crawled under the warm blanket,  and… I blacked out!

Well, the night is over now, but it’s not fair that a little nightmare, coming from nowhere, is able to ruin a whole day of our short life! However, nightmares are not the only things out of our control. Among all the things pushing our life forward, there are only few things we have a little control over or the ability to decide about. What can we do, but to accept the offer!

* Obviously the title of the post is not mine!

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