The Blue Friday, Everyday

Everything looked alive those years. We were young and free, and all of our dreams looked easy to catch. All we used to do was to enjoy the life, spending our time by reading, writing, walking at nights, sitting in cafes reading poems, listening to musics, watching movies, and… talking. Yes, talking.

As far as I remember the feeling I had, the best part was talking with each other. We used to talk a lot, almost about everything, but mostly about what we called “the pains of life”. But now it sounds kind of funny; because I can’t remember what kind of pain we could have at that time. We treated life like a joke and enjoyed it the best way we could, and now it’s not easy to accept that all those days are gone.

It’s been almost five years since the fog of hatred and enmity covered everything. The united group we had with all that variety of tastes and beliefs, now looks like some scattered Islands. Everyone is so busy with his own daily life, trying so hard to make the ends meet. And ridiculously every one is working on his thesis right now!

We judged a lot in these recent years, we hated a lot, we defended a lot, we showed our anger and disappointment a lot… which all have led to a dark and deep loneliness and our hearts some how died.

Every Sunday I go to the old school to watch a movie and sometimes we drink a cup of tea with some of those old friends. I can feel it. I can feel that everyone needs to say something, but they don’t know what to say and how to say it. I know that they miss something, but none of them can show what he feels.

It’s not easy to hope, but… I hope the Sun shines again someday.

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