Pain as the meaning of life

I see pain around me. A lot of pain actually, which comparing to little problems that I have in my life right now, is very frightening. Money is the main challenge for most, and not because they don’t try enough to make some, but because the expenses of living runs faster than they could work. That’s why we, Iranians, always need more money, no matter how our economic situation is. Even if we can handle our own life, we have to earn more money for our children, because they’d lose their life if they have to start from the beginning, like many of us did.

I can see some of the people around me, suffering from loneliness. Even some of them seems to be in love with someone who doesn’t love them back. I can see the ones who are deeply alone while they’re living with someone else. There are also ones who’re alone, deeply enough, not to even try to let someone into their life.  They look like they’re satisfied with their loneliness, but I’m not sure if can believe the idea could work.

I can see ones who have a life full of love and passion, but they have a collection of other problems everyday in their life, like the universe is mad at them, and is trying to take revenge just because they got the chance to keep their love for years.

Why am I thinking about this? What’s wrong with having no big problems? Nothing actually! And that’s the wrong part of the story. I know it might sound ridiculous, but it’s true. It feels strange not to have the old problems, for someone who had grown up with them like the problems were the deep meaning of his life; Like if you take away those problems, you take away the meanings of his life.

I read my friends writings, their twits and their words everywhere, and the main thing they write about, is their pains and sufferings. And to be honest, they create art sometimes! Sometimes I secretly go through their blog archives and read their entries, and even though people don’t take the blog posts seriously, I can feel the magic in their words; the magic came out of suffering most of the times.

“What’s in the Iranian’s face that we could recognize them among other faces, even before they talk?”, a friend of mine who lives abroad, asked once. I had experienced that many times before, and the only answer I could find was: “Suffer”. Iranians suffer a lot, from the beginning of their life in a way that even someday some of them could escape from the situation, they will remain under the influence of what they’ve been through before.

Not that the condition here is the worst in the world, but it’s a lot different. Complaining all the time, is one the common behaviors many of us have. To say, “I feel great today” is not a common answer when somebody asks us, “How do you feel today?”, unless we’re a bipolar and we’re in one of those “I feel great today” days. The most common answer in Iran when someone asks you about how you are, is to say “Thanks”, by which you can escape from the real answer and be polite at a same time.

By the way, I ask this question a lot from myself these days, that if we lose these pains, how our lives would look like, and what the meaning of life would be. It’s even hard to imagine.

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