The Open End

Soccer Field in Prison

Sometimes when I review the opportunities I’ve had in my life, I suffer from the weakness I can see through many of my decisions. I wasted a lot those opportunities because I always concerned with something when I had to decide about something else. I rejected many good job offers because I was thinking about my education, and I lost many great educational opportunities because I was struggling with my work at the same time.

I know what so-called positive people usually say when I say this. Yes! I believe that everyone could make changes in his life and choose what to be and how to live his life, but there are limitations. There is a serious question about the number of options everyone has.

I admit that many of my failures have been the result of my laziness and I know that if I’ve had tried harder to get what I wanted, I could’ve reached many of my goals, but I’m an ordinary person with average capabilities. I’m taking about the hard-to-accept fact of “being a normal person”.

Despite many of the movies and stories that have a hero who eventually, with the help of the writer and the director, overcomes the problems and live a happy life for ever, there is no guaranty in real life. Apparently God doesn’t care about his story or movie being sold. So he doesn’t need to satisfy the audience, or to prepare the ground for his next work.

So, we are here, abandoned in a soccer field, having free will to go anywhere in the field, but not even a step outside. This is while the life’s going on somewhere else outside the field,  and apparently the key to see the real life, is to  escape from the field! It’s not easy, but must be possible. There has to be a way outside.

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