The urgent need to let the words out!

twitter-deadTwitter blocked me. Just like that. I can still login, and I can still read my friends’ twits, but nothing else; no faves, no replies, no follows and unfollows. Feels like sitting in a stadium watching the final game, but not being allowed to scream, jump or even to say a word to the one who’s sitting next to you.

By the way, Twitter says that my account has had some unusual behaviors and now I have to confirm that I’m a human behind my Twitter account. And apparently the only way Twitter would understand that I’m a human is to let it know my phone number, which I’m totally OK with. But, Twitter doesn’t recognize Iran as a country (Thank you very much!); so there is no way that I can give my phone number.

There was this help link, above which was written something about if someone cannot provide a phone number. So, I clicked the link and it led me to a form about the problem. I filled the form, and submitted my request to the Twitter Support Team and there was this message after I pressed the button which said they would answer to my request within a few days.

It’s been a few weeks now. I submitted the form, once again. I even asked one of my friends in Germany to use his phone number for this silly activation, but it didn’t work. So… I gave it up.

Somebody told me to sign up for a new account in Twitter, but I didn’t feel like it anymore. I know my friends are still there, and I know that it was my last shelter after FriendFeed was shut down, but it seems that I’m not supposed to be there anymore.

After all, thanks to not being twitting all the time, every day a few ideas that I used to waste by twitting them in less than 140 characters, grow up in my mind, and after a while I feel the need to write them somewhere. That’s why I write more these days in my blog.

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