Being vegetarian not for its being healthy

Living in Iran, specially in Qom, I hadn’t seen many vegetarians around me. I knew that he number of them has been increasing in some so-called high-level parts of the society, but they weren’t around. But now, in just a couple months, I’ve found out that I have a lot of vegetarian friends! Yes many of them have been living this way for years!

But actually, this is not what surprised me. The interesting point about them was the reason they stopped eating meat. At least two of them to which I talked, told me that basically they didn’t have any problem with eating meet, but they think that the contemporary meat industry in Iran doesn’t observe the ethical codes of slathering the animals.

I didn’t have enough time to check if he was right, but my friend told me that some of the commercial chicken houses that are designed only to produce more meat and to make more money, and the owners don’t think at all about the experience of the animal there.

a chicken house in Iran

According to what he said, the chickens in these chicken houses sometimes never get a chance to see the sunlight, because they grow up in very small cages in where they can’t move so much, and have nothing to do but to eat and grow up so fast with the help of the pumped hormones. Some of the people who run these kinds of chicken houses, make the place so crowded so they wouldn’t need to spend any money for the warming. The chickens would stay warm being stick to each other all the time!

A normal happy chicken that has a normal live in a village would grow up maybe two times slower and sees the garden, the sunlight and walk a lot at least around the small yard of a house. It usually has the chance to live her life with a rooster who, as far as I’ve seen, is so hot and willing to come to his wives frequently during a single day!

Apparently, the same goes to sheep and cows and  other animals, in a different way. And the only priority for the producers is to make more money out of the job.

So, this way, my friends has become vegetarian. And to be honest, this is the first time I’m interested. Though, there still might be solutions for the problem, like trying to find non-industrial producers like the villagers who still treat their animals as family and respect them as alive creatures. It’s not easy, but possible.

By the way, don’t be surprised if I announced someday that I’ve become a vegetarian.

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