I’m not angry!


Between all the movies I watched during 32nd Fajr Festival, most of the time I was crying. I cried watching Che (directed by Ebrahim Hatami kia), Track 143 (directed by Narges Abyar), etc. There have been also times that I laughed, but the main mood was still crying!

Though, there was this movie that I cried the most watching it. And not in a good way. It wasn’t the kind of crying after which you feel relieved and relaxed. Actually I felt like staying some more in the theater to keep crying for a while when the movie ended.

The movie was Asabani nistam (I’m not angry) directed by  Reza Dormishian. The story is about an Iranian college student which was withdrawn from university for being active in an opposition political party.

after quitting the university his life becomes hard and his love life is put in danger. He tries so hard to control his anger and put his life together and…

The movie touched me because it wasn’t like I only understood it. I felt it like it was my own life, like I was the one who’d kept his anger inside him for a long time, and the most important part was that I don’t know what to do about this anger yet.