Saving and Spending

It’s only one time. How frightening! Being brought here without being asked, going on living and breathing without having a choice, and finally being caught in middle of something you may wanted to finish… aaaaaand you’re dead!

I don’t think it’s a good idea to plan so hard for the future, when your life is 99% out of your control. The amount of change you can make in the world is very tiny, so don’t blame yourself if everything sucks! The only thing that matters to me is to know that I’m making the right decision and doing the right thing, but when I know it for sure that I’m doing the right thing, I don’t care about the result.

Since the time I started to think this way, I’m free. I try so hard to get what I want, but if I lose, I don’t feel I’m a loser. How much a man could lose to get what he wants? His money? His time? His education? His future? His soul? His life? All of these are to get something, so if he wants it, he has  to pay whatever he has.

Many of us have forgot that the money is meant to be spent. What’s the point in saving money if you’re never going to spend it? There’s a same meaning for life. You’ve got this short period of time to pass it, to enjoy it, to spend it. It’s a silly idea to save your life for an unknown future. Start it right now, right from where you are.

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