To study Quran, instead of only reciting it

reciting-QuranIt’s been a couple of years since I stopped reciting Quran in common occasions like Ramadan or after prayers. One day I just stopped feeling that it was a good idea to recite Quran regularly.

But now she asked me to read it again together. I wasn’t into that suggestion, but I said yes. She was supposed to start from the beginning of Quran; Fatehah and she told me to start from 18th Juz. Al-Mu’minun was the first Sura I read after all these years of being apart from Quran.

I had dedicated a whole year of my life to memorise all verses of Quran many years ago. I can never forget those days and nights that I was reading and memorising Quran all the time.

This time is completely different though. I didn’t used to ask questions when I was reading Quran. Well, it’s better to say, I never used to have any question. But now I have a lot of questions when I read it. Sometimes it doesn’t make any sense to me, and sometimes I suddenly say: “That’s right! That’s exactly what I was talking about!”

By the way, I like this challenge and I’m enjoying it. And I think this is the first time I’m actually learning through studying Quran, instead of reading it.

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