How do clerics of Qom think about study of religions?

This blog was supposed to be for my diaries, but I left for no reason. Yesterday a new visitor who had found me when she was searching, made me read my posts again and miss my blog. Actually I miss ME when I was writing this blog. I’ve changed a lot. I think this is one of the best things about the blog that you can see yourself again through what you’ve written before.

I’m a little busy these days working on my thesis, and trying not to involve my whole life, but it’s happening. For me, research project is not just a periodic peace of job that I easily start and finish it. Every one of my readings during my M.A opened a new insight in my system of belief.

My main question that came out of two other question is that:

How does the society of Hawzah of Qom think about studying other religions? and why?

By “the society of Hawzah of Qom” I mean everyone who is related to the Hawzah of Qom including beginners, teachers, professors, scholars and authorities. Even the ones who are not officially clerics but have major connection with this society. I’ve explained a little more about my thesis here:

The Anthropology of Religions Studies in Qom’s Hawzah

I appreciate your comments about the whole idea and also the details!