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Once I asked myself what is wrong with me?! I tried so hard to be accepted to this class, this university or any educational program, but I would be so glad if one of my teachers doesn’t come for a session! I’m not a kid anymore whose parents force him to go to school. I by myself chose to continue my education. So, what is that feeling? Why am I still a GORIZPA kid who always waits for a moment not to be at school? Something must be wrong.

When we were reading Mr. Fasheh’s letters to Mr. Aghaya, in our workshop, his words reminded me of some Hadiths and today at the meeting with Mr. Doostdar and Ms. Ghahramani it happened again. Mr. Fasheh distinguished between KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM. Actually it might be related to لیس العلم بکثرة التعلیم و التعلم بل العلم نور یقذفه الله فی قلب من یشاء من عباده. This is the most important part for me. It can be interpreted to anything but I like to understand it this way.

At our great meeting today, Dr. Doostdar and Ms. Ghahramani opened for us a new window toward a lot further goals in our vision. I liked what he said about “understanding the time”. Doctoral is just another stage of our education and shouldn’t be considered as the final goal. It’s so small to be the best thing a student is looking for. We all left Dr. Doostdar’s office with a very good feeling and and high expectation about our education’s future.

I thought again about the reason I came to URD. My purpose of studying Abrahamic Religions has changed a lot during these two years. Now the most thing I want to know is Islam. You know why? The Islam I learned in books and the Islam that I see in our society, look very different. I need to know what happened to Islam when it came to us, Iranians for instance. The missing point has to be in people. I need to know more about people, about Muslims, Christians, Jews and others. I want to find how people treated their religions. I’m sure lots of questions lay in their religious life and some one must find them.

Knowing more and more. I like it, but now I know the different between knowing and being a Doctor. There is nothing wrong with being a doctor, but I try to be aware of the way I’m going through. That’s a little close to the way I was growing in my early years of being a TALABEH. Nothing was important but knowing more and finding the truth. The older I got these years, the stranger I became to my first aims and goals.

Now I going to restart the way I was dealing with my life. I’m going to remember that I am a human, to rethink how God sees us, to rebuild the foundations of my thoughts about people, prophets, humans, the world and specially the one who I call him ME. Then I can find the role of the education in my life, the meaning of being a student. That is what happened to me lately.

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  1. I guess, very nice change.

    I somehow like you, at the important moments of my life, stand at the corner and review whole of my life and decide about MY future.

    But always, those decides have changed by passing time.

    I’m sure there is no end for changes. The Endless Change, The Endless Life.

  2. I just happened to see you blog while I was searching the net. What you’re searching for seems very interesting to me for a few reasons.Human beings have been searching for answers for many thousands of years. I think everything including how people perceive religion and implement it in their lives is subject to gradual change.Change is an inevitable part of how we live. It is fascinating to sit back and watch how cultures, norms, values change through out time. You have a very curious mind and it’s very appreciable. My advice to you, try to expand your search engine and explore other means of finding your answers. what you’ll discover might surprise you.

  3. Please not that in my previous comment I was NOT endorsing or supporting gradual change to core beliefs such as religions.I am actually opposed to such change.what I meant was knowing how human beings let time change their belief systems might help us find an answer to why such thing happens.Perhaps people’s mind tends to be forgetful. your search to find this answer is very appreciable.

    1. Thanks Laleh!
      Actually it’s been a while since I wrote this post on my blog. Your comment made me read my writing again. It was interesting how I changed. To me, this post looks from couple of years ago.
      Thanks again for your tension and your advice.

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