Thinking through sharing

When I attended to URD (University of Religions and Denominations) I was thinking that I have to pass twoooo years to finish my MA in Abrahamic Religions, but now I see myself standing at the end of a long way that I can’t remember how I passed. These two years happened faster than I expected. Now I have only two and half month to choose the topic of thesis. And to be honest, I don’t have any clear concern that I need to follow.

I talked to some friends of mine and I realized that they have the same problem. So, we decided to set up an everyday-workshop and meet each other regularly to solve the problem.

I had this experience with my wonderful teacher, Mrs. Ghahramani about how to use WEB (I will explain it) to find the main question of yours about any field. So, we started our meeting based on this method. And we also agreed about the language; it has to be English so we do two thing at the same time– writing our thesis-es and improving our English skills.

How the method works? It’s very simple. You write the main topic(s) you think that it/they may be your concerns, on a piece of paper or on a whiteboard. Then you connect these topics together with line(s). Then you think about every topic and let your mind goes wherever it likes, under those topics.


My simple mind map
I made this map by using a free program named "VUE"

Whatever comes to your mind about any of those topics, you have to write it down and connect it to the other topics by lines again. and go on. After some minutes of thinking and drawing lines, you will have a paper or whiteboard full of topics and lines that they are connected to each other from different ways. Actually by this, you help your mind look at itself from the outside. You may have some thoughts in the darkness of your mind, but you can’t talk about them before they come out and appear on a white piece of paper. After some times of doing this, you may find your main question. And when you find your question, you can start your research.

Anyway, we’ve already have 3 sessions til now and in fact, it goes well. We are now closer to our questions and we hope to find it soon. I’m focusing on new media and religion, special internet, blogging and social networking. Mohsen is working on missionary in Islam and Christianity. Mehdi now know that he is interested in culture and religion. Ahmad thinks about gender and religions. And finally Miss. Kazemi is in a favor of religions, culture and politics. I think it is a good advance toward our goals.

If you are interested in using VUE to make your own mind-map, yon can download it for free from here.

6 thoughts on “Thinking through sharing”

  1. Very fantastic program. Thank you for the link.

    Hamed you started very very vivid and excellent program with your friends.

    I’m sure you will achieve brilliant results and be happier than now. I hope you all be passion and patient enough to see the final days of your Starting. Insha’allah

  2. hi dear hamed
    i am sad becaude today you are absent..
    as i have said to you before.. you are a really good and lovely kid..
    you have not got old (like me) yet
    i do not agree your idea..because i think or maybe i belive that it is not practical(ofcourse for everyone) and it can not help you to find your lost..
    so i just like to say: lonely the work shop is a good idea for your friends
    and you(just you) were expected to share this good idea with another of your classmates
    congratulations to you for your connect to smart set(s)..
    by the way i (and may others) like to attend in your workshop. so it is possible?
    please answer as a comment in my weblog..
    thank you so much..

    1. Thank you for being such nice to me in your comment. I will ask my friends if they agree being you in the workshop. I hope they would be glad if you come.

  3. now (2days after my first comment) i think you have good ideas( what that be..) and it does not matter to be practical or no.. it is important it self..
    and i found you know what you wana do and may what you should do..
    it makes me happy because i think you mey are useful for me( now or in future)

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